Australian Gel Blaster Laws

Australian Gel Blaster Laws

The maximum penalty for possession of a yellow truck is five years in prison. The recent tightening of these rules imposes even harsher penalties for shooting someone with a yellow truck without their permission – between three and seven years in prison. Possession of a counterfeit firearm without a licence in New South Wales is also a criminal offence. A counterfeit firearm can contain anything that looks like a firearm that is not really a firearm, regardless of its color, weight or composition. Gel blasters sold throughout Australia «essentially resemble the appearance of real military firearms.» They are therefore considered «prohibited firearms» in New South Wales. New laws on gel blasters are set to come into force in Queensland as toy gun owners have warned of tougher penalties Gel blasters are available in Sydney at many online gun stores, including Tactical Edge, Tac Toys and Gelsoft Australia. Sydney`s Firearms Laws are governed by the New South Wales Firearms Act and prohibit anyone from possessing or using a gel blaster without a valid firearms licence or licence. Sentences include up to 5 years in prison. Queensland`s gun laws do not consider yellow trucks a «gun.» This means that residents of Qld are allowed to have a yellow truck without a firearms license, but they must not be transported in public view. In January 2021, a suspension of Southern Cross station in Melbourne was introduced after it was claimed that a man was swinging a gun.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested him, only to find that the item was a yellow truck that would look «almost identical» to a firearm. This is the perfect time to expand your collection of gel blasters and set up destinations or other leisure areas at home where you can legally enjoy them. To build your gel blaster offering, buy our gel blaster guns and accessories online. All over the world, people use non-lethal weapons for entertainment. From gel blaster weapons to paintball weapons, this is a way for many people to indulge their passion for firepower without the deadly risks of real guns. The Vector Gel Blaster is a kind of gel blaster that can have 3 combustion modes, excellent detachable accessories, a gel initiation function and a safety switch. Shooting modes include Auto, Burst, and Single. The material is made entirely of nylon, includes an LED flashlight, charger-powered gel balls, infrared scope, foldable stump, rechargeable battery, 7.4V battery and magazine, and a firing range of between 20 and 30 meters. It usually needs gel balls.

Defence lawyer Joseph Correy recently represented an 18-year-old Sydney man who was charged with possession of prohibited firearms after buying a «gel blaster» online. The young man bought the gel blaster gun after seeing a Facebook ad placed by an Australian toy company. He followed the link in the ad to buy the yellow truck. Gel beads and ammunition are sometimes called gel balls, hydrogel balls or gels with absorbent polymer water beads with a diameter of 6 to 8 mm, which are usually made from sodium polyacrylate. They are considered cleaner and more environmentally friendly than paintball or airsoft BB ammunition. Indeed, they are made from non-toxic biodegradable materials and contain more than 90% water. They burst when an impact is made and therefore do not cause any residue or clutter. They also dissolve after a short period of time. When the blaster gel balls are soaked in water, they can grow up to 200-400 times the size of the original jelly-like balls.

They are also used in gardens and vases. If you don`t properly moisturize the gel balls, it usually means that the yellow truck isn`t working as it should. It is recommended to soak it overnight. An example of a yellow truck and its resemblance to a real weapon. Wholesaler Dan Tyne praised the new laws, saying they gave «legitimacy» to the sport. Possessing or using a BB pistol, airsoft pistol or gel gun without a valid licence or licence in New South Wales is considered very serious, which is reflected in the maximum penalty and standard periods applicable without parole, ranging from 4 years to 10 years in prison for standard non-probationary periods. Unauthorized possession or use of an airsoft gun, yellow truck or BB gun is subject to a standard 4-year period without the possibility of parole. Unauthorized sales of these weapons are subject to a standard 10-year period without the possibility of parole if they are considered a pistol or a «prohibited firearm.» The same standard period without parole applies to the unauthorized sale of these weapons on an ongoing basis or the unauthorized possession of more than 3 of these firearms, one of which is a pistol or a prohibited firearm. The standard period without parole is a guide for the courts and not a mandatory requirement for the prescribed minimum prison sentence that must be imposed before it can be released on parole if the seriousness of the offence is within the average range of objective gravity for similar offences. Under the ACT, possession of a yellow truck is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Yellow trucks usually take 11.1V and 7.4V batteries. It is recommended to charge the battery for 1-4 hours, but no more, with the right charger.

Gel blaster accessories range from gel bullets, bottle quick chargers, batteries, face masks, ultra-hard gels, rechargeable cables, pistol leg case, red dot allow scope, upgrade kit, combat vest, magazines and much more. When not in use, yellow trucks must be stored safely. While this does not mean that they should be kept in a firearms safe, they should be kept in a locked cabinet or bag. Yellow trucks are illegal throughout Australia, with the exception of Queensland, where the February 2021 changes allowed yellow trucks to be purchased without a permit or license as they were no longer classified as a weapon. Gel blasters are usually battery-powered spring-loaded plastic guns. When the trigger is depressed, its spring hammer hits the valve in the middle of the «grenade base,» which releases the gas stored in the cartridge through its cap holes. This then leads and sprays gels on a targeted target. A yellow truck can typically fire soft gel projectiles up to about 250 feet per second.

It is similar to an automatic airsoft electric gun (AEG) or a gas return airsoft, but unlike airsoft guns, the gel blaster gun has an uneven orb shape and its lighter weight and larger projectile size result in a lower muzzle velocity. This makes them probably the safest among other types of airsoft and BB weapons. As laws are strengthened across Australia regarding the ownership and use of yellow trucks, it is imperative that you follow the recommendations above. Gel blasters are also gel guns, hydro blasters, hydro markers, gel shooters, gel markers and Jelsoft. «We have recently made some changes to strengthen these provisions. But that`s why we have these very strict laws, because they look like real weapons. In particular, a yellow truck is used to shoot non-lethal gel balls. Although these weapons are recreational and low-risk weapons, Australia has a history of particularly strict restrictions on firearms and anything resembling firearms. The Gel Blaster Laws in South Australia prohibit anyone from owning or using a gel blaster unless you have a valid South Australian firearms licence with a gel blaster registered in a specific weapon licence category.

Permit categories range from «A» to «H» and to fall into a certain category, you need to prove a real reason to apply for the yellow truck. The real reasons can be hobbies, shooting, collectors, etc. A «A» licence category includes yellow trucks and paintball guns. Illegal use of a yellow truck in South Australia can result in a sentence of up to 4 years in prison and/or a $20,000 fine for Class «A» licences under the South Australian Firearms Act 2015 (SA). However, if the unauthorized possession or use of a yellow truck is tried by a court and summarily eliminated, the maximum penalty is 2 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000. To obtain a licence or permit for a blaster gel, BB gun or airsoft weapon in New South Wales, you must apply to the nsw Police Commissioner and prove that it is illegal to possess or use a blaster gel, BB gun or airsoft weapon for self-defence or protection in New South Wales. Since BB guns, airsoft guns, and yellow trucks are all considered «firearms,» their use and possession are highly regulated. Obtaining a «licence» for this type of weapon for the purposes of protection or self-defence is prohibited under section 12 of the Firearms Act. Obtaining a licence for this type of firearm for protective purposes is not necessarily prohibited, but section 12 of the Firearms Regulations states that the Commissioner of New South Wales «may» refuse a person permission to use or possess it if the purpose of obtaining one is for his or her personal protection. Protection of property or for the protection of another person.

Since 2018, Queensland Police have taken action 100 times against those caught abusing blasters and frightening the public. They look like real guns and it`s a criminal offense to point at them or shoot someone without their permission, but yellow trucks will remain legal in Queensland, despite steps taken in other states to effectively ban their use without a license.