Avis Wonder Legal France

Avis Wonder Legal France

I tried this service once for a simple commercial contract. Then I closed my account. The service had to be free. I was actually accused by «Miracle Paris» for 3 months before realizing that this name was a legal hidden miracle. After verification, my account was reopened despite my closure process. I had to close it and delete my credit card. I couldn`t legally contact anyone at Wnder and so I couldn`t get a refund or even have an invoice. In addition, the contract ordered was legally incorrect after examination. Avoid! The following review is based on my own personal experience and is written as my own personal opinion about this entity.

Since we decided to change the name of our company after ASIC authorized the registration of two companies with almost identical names. When we became aware of the other company, we immediately changed the name of our company to avoid any possible confusion. I went online to buy the legal documents so we could change the name of the company with ASIC. I found the site Www.wonder.legal and made sure I was turned off. Wonder.Legal is today the only French legaltech present abroad since it is represented in 21 countries. «After all, I intend to be present in the 193 countries of the planet,» continues this Marseillais. I am aware of the immensity of the task at hand, but we see that there is a real need for simple and affordable legal solutions. The expansion of the platform will continue at the end of 2018 with new openings in Poland, Flemish Belgium and the Philippines. Born in Marseille, trained in the center of Lyon and then at the very prestigious MIT in Boston, the founder of this Legaltech began its internationalization in 2016.

«Documents are modeled in real time,» says the CEO, who launched Miratech in 2005, a company specializing in human-machine interfaces and cognitive engineering. For example, the purchase of the document can be made individually for an individual or in the form of a subscription that is more advantageous for companies. «We don`t handle disputes or give advice,» Eskenazi recalls. «Every country has different legislation,» says the 42-year-old boss. We use lawyers and lawyers for the preparation of documents. Our core business remains legal publishing. The lawyers` grumbling was directed against certain legal technologies. Lawyers offer personalized advice and representation before the courts. This is not our fight. In the event of a dispute, the customer service is exceptionally efficient, perfectly meets my expectations, while I felt deceived.

Wonder.Legal has now decided to internationalize and settle in four countries outside the France: Spain, Brazil, Italy and Germany. According to him, the web platform recorded a growth of about 1,213% between April 2015 and April 2016. Great site! Convenient and reliable. Thank you very much! Purchased document: When the document is created, Wonder Legal will ask you for the specific information to include in the template document. It is also possible to benefit from the advice of a lawyer to personalize your document a little more. It`s shady, I spend 30 minutes filling out a free form, and at the very end I am asked for my credit card number. Half an hour lost. What`s the point of saying it`s free when he finally asks for a credit card number? I didn`t even believe that this kind of site still existed. Bought their simple online advertising contract for a one-time payment. It should include an online advertising contract for our customers who are interested in advertising with us. The document lacked the customization capability I expected and saw on competing websites. It was also rejected by my client because it was incomplete.

It is extremely difficult to find the company`s contact information, but I made several attempts to contact them and they simply never responded to my requests. There is no file. Discussions and mutual aid network between members of the Law community As the user answers an online questionnaire, the document is built and modified accordingly: fields are filled, paragraphs are added, words change, clauses are modified etc. It took three years of R&D to develop this sophisticated metalanguage, which is behind Wonder`s success. Legal in Frankreich, aber auch im Ausland. Die verwendeten Algorithmen, um Formulare und Fragen von Fall zu Fall intuitiv anzuordnen. Die Online-Plattform von Wonder.Legal ermöglicht es Führungskräften, rechtliche Dokumente und Verträge zu erstellen, die auf ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten sind und den Gesetzen entsprechen, indem sie einen einfachen dynamischen Online-Fragebogen ausfüllen. To create personalized legal documents for professionals and individuals, Wonder.Legal relies on an artificial intelligence module capable of breaking down the structure of a document into logical trees to make it dynamic. Templates for letters and contracts in the United States The user selects a template on the website, fills out the document by answering certain questions, and the template is created automatically. It can then be saved and printed. Advice from a lawyer is also available as an option. Thus, Wonder.Legal, which shows a growth of 28% per month and 750,000 customers (30% of subscribed companies), has become the largest global platform for creating legal documents in just 4 years of existence.

This dazzling expansion was made possible by a unique model designed by founder Jérémie Eskenazi. Unlike its competitors, Wonder.Legal has developed a computer module that breaks down the structure of the document into logical trees to make its construction dynamic. In total, there is 1 online user :: 0 registered, 0 invisible and 1 guest (based on active users of the last 5 minutes). The record number of online users is 1334, Am Tue 14 Apr 2020 21:28 Platform that offers an online service for the creation of legal documents Brand Voice marks the possibility of addressing Internet users directly, thanks to a format that integrates perfectly with the content and form of the website. Internet users have access to the content produced by brands in connection with their professional issues. They can easily identify the origin thanks to the mention «Brand Voice», this format allows to expand their expertise by sharing content with high added value. For any request for additional information, contact us at the following address: sleprat@editialis.fr With the Wonder.Legal platform, it is possible to easily create legal documents by choosing from a variety of templates and templates and answering a dynamic questionnaire to finally store and sign the documents created in this way. As an option, the site offers the presence of a qualified lawyer throughout the automation process to assist executives in their legal proceedings. Marseille: Wonder.Legal offers 1,400 legal documents. The web platform Wonder.Legal, ex-Document-Juridique.com, launches its automated letter and contract creation service for individuals and professionals in 4 countries. Image source: igor.stevanovic – Shutterstock.com your document is ready! Use it the way you want.

Free. I used the site to create a conventional separation. I was amazed at the quality and speed. The document was received immediately and we immediately used it to do our separation! Founded at the end of November 2014 by the French entrepreneur Jérémie Eskenazi, the Document-Juridique.com web platform, specialized in the automatic and personalized creation of legal documents, has changed its name to Wonder.Legal, thus beginning its internationalization phase. Draft an employment contract, the articles of association of a SAS (simplified joint-stock company) or a commercial lease. The start-up Wonder.Legal, founded in 2014 by Jérémie Eskenazi, offers to help professionals create legal documents via templates formulated by lawyers and supplemented online with their own information.