Montreal Rules for Restaurants

Montreal Rules for Restaurants

Customers must present their vaccination record to eat at the restaurant. Gatherings per table are limited to four people or two family bubbles. The Montreal Health Unit says it can`t track cases in restaurants and bars because it only does PCR tests done in health care facilities, long-term care facilities and among the city`s homeless population. But he said the reopening would allow restaurants to rehire some of their employees and give them enough time to prepare for the lucrative Valentine`s Day. Quebec is moving forward with the gradual lifting of coronavirus containment measures on Monday, January 31. As a result, restaurants are now allowed to reopen 50% of their dining rooms, exactly one month after they close on New Year`s Eve to limit the spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Here`s what that means — and doesn`t mean — for food in the province right now: In the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood, several restaurants remained closed Monday, with signs in their windows posting job postings. Do all of the above rules also apply to bars? Bars will remain closed, but once they reopen, they will likely have to follow similar rules. A handful of bars and restaurants had to close temporarily, with several employees infected at the same time.

But industry leaders say too many establishments will disappear forever if the provincial government demands that dining rooms be closed again. The province`s relaxation of COVID-19 safety rules, which was imposed on 31. Dining rooms in Quebec restaurants, closed since December due to the increase in COVID-19 cases by order of the provincial government, will reopen on Monday, January 31, according to several media this morning. Following the lifting of curfews in the province and the resumption of face-to-face classes on January 17, the government allows restaurants to accommodate no more than four people at a table or two households, forcing them to close at midnight. Premier François Legault said several measures will be lifted on Saturday, including those imposed on restaurants and private gatherings. The obligation to wear a mask for workers was adjusted on February 28: wearing a mask is mandatory only if there is no two-metre distance or physical barrier. Quebec`s labour standards agency, the CNESST, confirmed to Eater that this applies to restaurant employees. «However, wearing a quality mask remains necessary in traffic areas,» said the CNESST spokesperson. Starting Monday, Quebec restaurants will be able to accommodate guests with a limited capacity of 50% and up to four people or two different households at the same table.

The Association des restaurateurs du Québec says that instead of forcing restaurants to close, the province should leave it up to owners to protect customers. Martin Vézina, a spokesman for a group representing restaurants in Quebec, said he was pleased dining rooms could reopen, even though capacity constraints will make it harder for owners to make a profit without continued government assistance. Legault was under pressure to ease restrictions on sports organizations, the cultural sector and restaurants, and some business owners had threatened to reopen despite the rules. Gyms, bars and entertainment venues have been closed since December, as have restaurant dining rooms. Private gatherings were also limited to members of the same household. Will restaurants continue to check immunization records? Yes, vaccination records are still mandatory for food, and they must be presented with photo ID. Premier Legault said his government was already working to introduce a bill in March «to create a framework for the need for exceptional rules,» including a state of emergency. Johnson is fighting for his political life after allegations were made that he and his staff celebrated at the heart of the British government, violating rules they themselves had imposed to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The end date of most health measures related to the coronavirus in Quebec has been brought forward by two days.

This means that starting Saturday, March 12, restaurants and bars across the province will be allowed to operate at full capacity and during normal business hours. The mandate of the vaccination passport will also be abandoned and dancing and karaoke will be allowed. Indoor private gatherings are also allowed from Monday with some restrictions. As with restaurants, they are limited to four people or two family bubbles. It is strongly recommended to vaccinate people appropriately. Rules for restaurants, home meetings, extracurricular sports, movie theaters, concert halls and places of worship will be gradually relaxed over the next two weeks. Are dinners allowed until late at night? Lol Food and drink service in restaurants must end at 11pm and closing time is midnight. Quebec begins easing restrictions on restaurants, gatherings and extracurricular sports Jan. 31 «It`s an absolute mess,» says Emily Thornberry of the Labour Party, «[Boris Johnson] thought he was Julius Caesar or something, as if the rules didn`t apply to him.» Justice Secretary Dominic Raab, said it was right that the «important demands» Catherine P. Lauzon, a local resident, said: She doesn`t worry about finding a place for breakfast. She noted that she would use her friends` social media posts as a guide.

«Montreal is full of people who love brunch and restaurants,» Lauzon said with a smile before entering Au Pain Perdu. He said he had heard the same complaints from restaurateurs, but now it had «practically become a reflex to use vaccination passports in restaurants.» The pandemic can do that to a restaurateur. This coupled with ever-changing government regulations regarding restaurants. «We see that gastronomy wants to do its part … and will close their restaurants if they have to,» said Martin Vézina, the association`s vice-president of government affairs. Currently, restaurants and bars must operate at 50% of their usual capacity, with tables spaced at least 1 meter apart. The catering service must end at midnight, closing time an hour later. Karaoke and dancing are prohibited, and vaccination certificates are required. Since 31. December 2021, a curfew applies from 10pm to 5am. The dining rooms of the restaurant are closed and can only offer takeaway and deliveries. Most retail stores are closed on Sundays for at least three weeks, with the exception of some department stores.

Indoor gatherings are now confined to a domestic bubble (except for people living alone). Visit the Governorate of Québec website for detailed information. But not everyone quickly called back their restaurant staff. Gauliard-Martineau said the fact that isolation time has been reduced from 10 days to five days since the last wave of the pandemic has made it easier to keep it open when multiple employees are infected at the same time. However, he warned that the province`s health care system is «in poor condition» and that it will take time to build the hospital capacity the province needs. However, at least one Montreal restaurateur was no longer willing to wait for the official green light. Can residents of more than two households make a group reservation for more than four people? Yes, group bookings are allowed, but the above table limits must be respected. On January 6, the Governorate of Québec announced that the vaccination certificate must be approved in SAQ stores and SQDC points of sale as of January 18, 2022. In the coming weeks, the passport will also be required to enter other non-essential stores. «For me, adjusting to working with employees is what it`s all about,» Karch said, adding that takeout orders remained steady Monday, but in-person food wasn`t as popular.