Nedbank Legal Contact Details

Nedbank Legal Contact Details

Over 6 months ago, I filed an application to purchase a second bond for an excess home loan on behalf of a trust. After contacting Nedbank several times during this period, I was unable to get an answer to «YES, it`s approved» or «NO, we can`t help you» (for some reason). Why does it take the bank more than 6 months to make an easy decision? I applied for a credit card online, after 5 business days I contacted the call center and they told me I had to send my required documents because they hadn`t received them. I had sent the documents again and called back after 3 working days, the consultant told me they had received it, but she does not know how long the application will take. It`s been 13 days now and I haven`t received any feedback. It is shocking that your own employees do not know the duration of a request and are rude. I`ve been with Nedbank for 68 years, your service is shocking. If you feel that our internal escalation process has not given you the right solution, you can contact the Banking Ombudsman on 0860 OMBUDS (662 837) or contact I have been trying since 20 February 2019 to get Nedbank ZA to repay money that was accidentally transferred to them, instead of Westpac Australia`s Nedbank ZW.

We send emails to the ZA contact center and a Liziwe, but no one bothers to respond. Here is the sender`s reference #: AU11902200776657. I hope someone will see it and take the trouble to act. A professional banking experience that will take you further I did not know that by banking with Nedbank, who would give them the writing to debit my account at will, I felt that for all transactions made by Nedbank from my account, I would have to give my consent. Disgusting service at all!!!!! We are committed to providing first class service. We are committed to investigating your complaint and finding the appropriate solution while keeping you informed. We`ll help you create the ideal personal financial plan that meets your individual needs: Rest assured that the needs of your beneficiaries are properly taken into account: Around 12 o`clock this morning, my mother-in-law, a so-called «colorful» according to the government`s definition, went to the Nedbank Campus Square branch. She was recently discharged from the hospital, it was her first visit to the shops after being discharged from the hospital ten days ago. She`s retired, she can`t be with herself without an oxygen tank.

While at the bank, she asked if she could use the toilet. The staff and management refused, so she got confused. Unfortunately, I helped with a fundraiser at my daughter`s school and didn`t learn about the company`s inhumanity and abuse until I returned home. I will go public with her abuse of an older person. Registered Office Nedbank Group Ltd 135 Rivonia Road, Sandown, 2196 South Africa Integrated wealth management solutions for high net worth individuals: For companies with annual revenues of less than R30 million: The Ombudsman is a free service that helps individuals and small businesses resolve disputes with their bank. So please, I want my name removed from this cover Rest assured that we will manage your estate according to your wishes: Today I was invited to a Nedbank event. As a guest. When I arrived, I was told to use the back entrance of the office building in Newtown. This occurred in front of some stores through a passage through a loading area and through a back door in the area where the regular entrance to the office building was located. and were not allowed to pass in front of the office building. When I complained, I was told I was justified.

I have been banking there for 30 years and if that is how they treat people, I would like to change banks. Despicable behavior. I went to Nedbank in Westonaria to stop a debit order. I signed documents and was told that everything was fine. Saturday morning, the debit order I stopped passed. And I was charged that my account was on a minus. I tried to access the money from my term deposit and I called the customer service line and they advised me to write a letter about my problem and I did so and brought it to the bank, but they refuse to help me with my application. I wouldn`t have experienced much, I sang for my gym membership and now I owe them R2000.

I am only asking for this amount so I can cancel my membership because they are now threatening to blacklist me and I have to apply for school. What`s the point of having money, but you can`t access it when you have problems. I presented evidence, but they don`t want to help, they don`t even allow me to talk to the store manager. Please comply with my request. I cannot afford to be blacklisted. I can`t wait until November to pay them as it will be around 2000+. So I was charged for stopping a debit order that was placed and charged again that my account is a minus. I need a refund and it`s not good customer service. Not happy at all. I am a Nedbank customer who was abused by a cleaner for Izimo at the Bethlehem branch, who does the work of Nedbank employees. The lady is so rude and unethical towards customers and Nedbank staff turn a blind eye About Nedbank Nedbank is a leading bank in South Africa, founded in 1888.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, the company employs more than 32,000 people across the country. Nedbank is now one of the four largest banks in South Africa. It also has branches in Namibia, Swaziland, Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. In total, it has more than 7.7 million customers. Now I know why I don`t bank at Nedbank. This morning I went to Nedbank at the Liberty Mall in PMB to transfer money to my mother-in-law`s estate account. These were coins and banknotes that she had kept over the years, which meant we had to store many old coins that were no longer in circulation. The cashier, who was not ready, tried to help us first, threw the coin bags on the counter and said they were not taking the old R1 coins. I said he wasn`t really in the mood to help us, and he said yes, while his manager, I think, was also there. It wasn`t until I took the money and threw it in my pocket that he said he could transfer the rest. Needless to say, I was upset at the time and tired of Nedbank and its staff clearly needing customer service. I applied for an R3000 credit card, after not adding value for myself, I paid it back so I could close it.

But it was a rush to do it, because most employees don`t have the right knowledge of what they`re doing, and the more I pay, the longer it takes them to close it. Precise calculation! I paid about R11,000 for the R3000 that was on my Nedbank credit card! I wouldn`t advise anyone to open an account with Nedbank.