New York Legal Marketing Association

New York Legal Marketing Association

The LMANext SIG (formerly known as Future Leaders) provides professional development and networking opportunities for law firm marketers with less than ten years of law firm or agency experience. The SIG has over 200 members representing over 45 law firms and agencies. SIG regularly organizes roundtables and networking events open to LMA New York members. For the presentation of GIS 2021, CLICK HERE. After taking a photo with his phone to show to his kids, who didn`t believe he was talking to such a large group of colleagues, Lee Garfinkle, CMO at Allen & Overy LLP, opened the NYLMA`s (New York Legal Marketing Association) third annual CMO forum with his response to «what your marketing department is doing to make your business different in the marketplace.» Garfinkle has a large customer intelligence group that focuses heavily on gathering customer information. They then add this information to their CRM to identify opportunities where they can add value and move the business forward. Kate Stoddard, Director of Practice Development at Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, spoke about how much their partners appreciate being able to get to know each other. They know each other`s practices on a personal level. This intimacy reflects how they interact and create tailor-made solutions for customers. Everyone agreed that the ROI of legal content marketing is difficult to define clearly. This is because of the long sales cycles and the relational nature of the business. However, there are smaller metrics that businesses can define to estimate how much time and effort needs to be spent on legal content marketing and whether or not it is successful.

Measures such as website views, downloads, number of meetings, and other company-specific numbers that measure what differentiates legal content marketing from other activities. Southern noted, «There are many small steps that show little success in inspiring other partners to get started. As the industry`s largest clients build their in-house legal departments, moderator Melissa Setter`s final question was, «What`s the biggest challenge over the next 12 months? Challenges ranged from gaining market share in a declining market, setting prices, and understanding what they`re spending their time and money on to bring the most value to the business. The final part of the conversation shifted to legal content marketing and how content relates to advancing business development goals. But which comes first – content or strategy? Answers ranged from – Enjoy stunning views of New York City while enjoying fantastic food and cocktails, and connect face-to-face with the legal marketing community. We can`t wait to see everyone! Whether technology is the engine or the car, it has an undeniable impact on the ever-changing legal marketing landscape. GIS Marketing Technology focuses on digital tools and their real-world application for marketing and business development, providing opportunities for professional development, networking, and thought leadership to help members find solutions in their own organizations. For the presentation of GIS 2021, CLICK HERE. Faced with the pressure on business development professionals to increase profits and business development, which is now one of the most sought-after specializations in law firm marketing, LMA NY responded by creating BD Sig to discuss, share innovative ideas and overcome common obstacles. We will end this year strong. Several programs are planned for the Northeast region in October, including the Small Firm SIG in Philadelphia, which is hosting a roundtable on marketing, human resources, and post-Covid priorities, the SIG Experienced Marketer in Boston, which runs a program to promote DEI programs for law firms, and the 10th Annual General Counsel Forum in New York City. SIG Special Events members are professionals in the legal marketing community who plan events for their businesses.

The group is also a resource for the entire LMA NY community, and its members are often asked to recommend venues for various types of law firm-related events. For the presentation of GIS 2021, CLICK HERE. Photo credits go to – Odgis + Co (@odgisandco) and Amy Hrehovcik (@hRovingChik) LMA New York is thrilled to bring our summer evening back in person this year as we celebrate 30 years of LMA in New York! Join your LMA colleagues and friends for a summer evening of networking and outdoor fun. Getting to know the partners is a first step. However, promoting cross-selling, as it can be difficult, is the main goal. Once partners get to know each other, Allen & Overy`s business development team focuses on connecting research to cross-selling opportunities. Kelley Drye & Warren LLP works hard to «bring clients to the buffet» by adding industry expertise to clients. All panelists agreed that sales and earnings are important drivers of growth and expansion. Yet they got them in different ways.

One of the ways they came to an agreement through the use of customer case teams. At Kelley Drye & Warren, case teams are formed organically based on their client relationships. At BakerHostetler, things are a little more formalized. They have a modified version of SPIN Selling to drive a customer action plan that focuses on customer needs. At Allen & Overy, every major client has a global and local relationship partner (BD role), and some have relationship partners who communicate regularly. Michelle Murray 2022 President LMA Northeast Region Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest events in the LMA Northeast Region. A professional service provider acts as an intermediary between a client and other organizations. Professional service providers include lawyers, accountants, securities dealers and other third parties who act as business partners for clients.

The programs are designed to be useful to business members at all levels! «Since there`s a lot going on with a customer, there has to be a lot of communication.» Each BD person is evaluated and trained in three phases of listening to the client. These include – 1) height, 2) matter and 3) relationship level. «Listening to customers didn`t do anything wrong. That`s the #1 we can do is get closer to a customer,» Garfinkle noted. Michael Evian Director of Marketing and Business Development Diamond McCarthy LLP The GIS CMO meets at different times and locations, with a meeting each quarter dedicated to showcasing a member`s best practices, initiatives or strategies. Group meetings provide an informal and intimate setting for exchange and learning. For the presentation of GIS 2021, CLICK HERE. Rachel Mazzaferro Business Development Manager Lowenstein Sandler LLP Bianca Madrigal Business Development Manager Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP What an amazing nine months! We are proud to announce that in August 2022, the Northeast region once again exceeded its membership goal, increasing the number of members in our region by 8% to 1036 members.