Ola Postpaid Due Legal Action

Ola Postpaid Due Legal Action

Once you`ve verified that nothing more is due, move on to your legal action or the actions you take. So it`s not your fault. Don`t pay a single penny, and before they can send you a legal notice, sue them yourself for harassment and financial fraud. Just go to their Ola app and check their postpaid fees and if there is any payment. And notify customer support of the app. Bro check the app and make sure nothing is due with postpaid. The taxi booking screen sometimes uses postpaid as the default payment method and it`s easy to forget that. I had to exchange it for money myself several times. By the way, something really needs to be done about these «debt collection agencies» lying to consumers to extort money. You tell great stories about it affecting your Cibil score and causing legal consequences, when in reality, these are just merchant loans with no consequences other than spam calls and messages. I made the payment and still received legal action requests from OLA.

I directed this issue to OLA support and the ********* ticket was generated by them. I made the payment, he succeeded. I shared the same with OLA staff who called me (they generated the payment link for me and the payment was made on the same). The payment was made by credit card, the card was charged, the monthly billing of the card generated with this transaction. I also paid the payment by card and now OLA says the payment failed. I provided them with all the details and screenshots of the messages and transactions. Always irritating demands from them for legal action. I have sent them several emails with all kinds of details, but they do not understand the request, but ask me to refund it. I`ve been going around IVR*-* calls a day without anyone calling a real person lately to chat. Even there was a call to *.** late in the evening/early morning. How do I deal with such calls and pathetic support from OLA? I made several calls to my credit card provider.

They provided me with the reference number of all relevant transactions here, clearly stating that the merchant (OLA) claimed the amount, and also provided me with the MT************ I`m not going to select a call that shows OLA on truecaller. We are moving forward to discuss it in that regard. It`s a tactic of fear, my husband. No one is going to sue you for a few hundred dollars. Just block and cool. It looks like a scam. The first language is disabled, secondly, they suggest steps to resolve the application. Our executive is on our way and will contact your home address and LEGAL notice by 5pm today to avoid this friendly turnaround. Don`t worry, brother, no one will come. I had 300+ refund waiting for Ola, after asking him for a refund several times, I decided to pay Rs 300 on his subsequent payment.

They sent me similar messages for over a month, no one came. And now they have stopped calling and sending messages. Email certainly doesn`t look like customer service! If you opt for cash, the Ola app will perstinate you while driving to change it into Ola money or Google Pay or something other than money. Because ola does not pay motorists. If you are willing to pay now so that I can remove the penalty fee immediately, you have registered the app otherwise I will share the link me reply not only to taxis. Accepts over 300+ apps and grows The language of the message looks fishy. Are you sure it`s from Ola? They received a notification a month ago to pay the amount due for their postpaid, but they still pay in cash. Ola`s support people told us 3 different times that this would be resolved within 24 hours. My in-laws aren`t super tech-savvy – they use Ola, but don`t know the payment methods. Yes, I have been receiving this news for a few years. Don`t worry, they won`t give a shit.

But we received this message from them out of the blue today. You can also switch from cash to Ola cash or cash to UPI, but you can`t switch from those to cash (at least the last time I checked). In addition, the app often automatically selects one of the online payment methods. I agree. It looks very unprofessional compared to proper customer support. Please check this by calling the helpline, sending an email, and tweeting before making a payment. The message or email is fake. Sign up for false invoicing, that`s all it says.

There was a double payment, it seems. It was paid in cash, so unfortunately there is no proof. Ola Cabs – APPLICATION THAT DISPLAYS THE OUTSTANDING AMOUNT EVEN AFTER CASH PAYMENT Closed.